The Wardrobe

From the beginning of the operation of the Kalamata Lyceum Club, the main concern of its founding members was the creation of a remarkable wardrobe of local costumes and their presentation to the general public, mainly through the performances of the Lyceum dance team.

The first core of the clothing collection of the Kalamata Lyceum Club was created in 1970, when the then Board of Directors, headed by the Superintendent of the Wardrobe and later President of the Board, Victoria Karelia, decided to utilize a monetary donation to the union, purchasing a small number of authentic clothing. This was followed by the gradual enrichment of the wardrobe with both original costumes and faithful copies of them, always with the care and support of Victoria Karelia. Today, the wardrobe of the Kalamata Lyceum Club includes costumes from all over the Greek mainland and islands, as well as from areas outside of Greece that were inhabited by Greek populations. For these costumes the Kalamata Lyceum Club has repeatedly been awarded at the International Festival of Agrigento, Italy.

At the same time, in 2016, Victoria Karelia granted the Kalamata Lyceum Club her personal museum collection of authentic clothing, jewelry and accessories. The collection, which has since then, as a token of recognition, the name of the collector, is permanently exhibited in the Exhibition Space of the Kalamata Lyceum Club in the historical center of the city (Collection of Greek Clothing "Victoria G. Karelia").